Mayor-elect promises "ambitious" transition

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TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - Toledo mayor-elect Wade Kapszukiewicz is not wasting any time getting his transition team together.

Monday, he named three members to his team.

The Mayor-elect needs to find good people for his administration and Rita Mansour, Will Lucas and Mike Beazley will guide him in a variety of ways.

First, the new mayor is creating a website,

It is designed to your thoughts, ideas and opinions on how to move the city forward.

"Not just 20 to 30 insiders who are well connected politicos," adds Kapszukiewicz.

He's also holding four mayoral roundtables discussing important topics like economic development, education and children, neighborhoods and safety
and quality of life issues.

And there's a Policy Action Forum in three weeks to talk about issues like clean water and fixing roads.

These are all efforts to get everyone's input on matters vital to the city.

Transition team member Will Lucas says, "Don't sit on the sideline and watch other people make changes for the community."

For his part, Kapszukiewicz is already talking to city council members, county commissioners and local mayors.

Transition team member Mike Beazley says the Mayor-elect is also getting detailed briefings on city programs and plans.

Beazley says, "The public needs to make sure the new folks don't drop a ball that's important."

But the big role of the transition team is helping fill the mayor's new staff with the best and brightest...

So a nationwide search will help fill the economic development director, finance director and chief of staff positions.

Kapszukiewicz says, "I dont think it serves you administration well to have nothing but Toledoans, to have nothing but your buddies."

Mike Beazley is generally regarded as the best and brightest. He's a former administrator in Lucas County and current city administrator in Oregon.

Kapszukiewicz says Beazley will be part of his team working on finding redundancies with the county, building a new jail even water quality.

And the Mayor-elect is considering restructuring the Department of Neighborhoods.

A lot of work to do before January 2nd; not all positions may be filled, but Kapszukiewicz wants to hit the ground running.

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