Mayor reviews water damage at One Lake Erie Center

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TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - When you see ice cascading down the outside of a building, you know that is not good.

And once inside One Lake Erie Center, you can see and even smell the damage.

Humidifiers and water vacs and fans run non-stop, cleaning up and drying out damage from a busted pipe.

Monday night, the zero-degree temperatures froze open a damper on the 4th floor. Polar air then froze the fire sprinkler pipe, which burst, releasing hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water that flooded two floors and the lobby.

Toledo mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz toured the facility, Wednesday.

The third floor is where 56 people from Toledo's Department of Engineering Services work and store documents.

Nearly every document is already digitized so nothing lost.

But countless water- soaked ceiling tiles are missing and the carpet is squishy.

And the tall columns in the elegant lobby are now water logged and large patches of the ornate plaster ceiling are ruined.

Renovation crews are totaling up the damage because their work begins after clean up ends.

Right now, no estimate on the damage, but the Eyde Company, which owns the building, says their insurance should cover the expense.