Mayor seeks new members for civilian police review board

TOLEDO (WTVG) - Across the country the message is clear, change needs to happen now. Thousands of people are protesting the oppression of Black people in America, demanding a shift in the culture of racism and police.

Toledo police officers line up facing protesters outside the Safety Building on May 30, 2020. Credit: Elise Hannah

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz says he is listening. Just days after a protest turned into violent clashes with police, the Mayor says there is work to do in Toledo.

Kapszukiewicz admits change will not happen overnight but he is working on a start. Monday the Mayor made the entire Toledo Police Department handbook available for public viewing on the City of Toledo's website .. Community survey results outlining the public's view of the police department will also be available.

In addition to resources, the Mayor says he wants a group of fresh faces serving on the Civilian Police Review Board. The group of 12 provides another set of eyes and ears when dealing with complaints and concerns about Toledo Police.

The terms of all current members are set to expire on June 30, 2020. The Mayor is hoping that this will give those who want to help change the dialogue a chance to serve.

"We are putting out a call for citizens inspired by this moment in our country's history, who want to serve to reach out and serve on this board," says Mayor Kapszukiewicz.

The city is also working to move the TPD internal affairs office out of police headquarters to a neutral site in an effort to make those who are filing a complaint against an officer or about police conduct, feel comfortable while doing so.

Kapszukiewicz says regaining trust will take time but he wants to take steps to show it is important to the city.

If you are interested in more information about the Civilian Police Review Board click here.