Mayor touts economic success in her two years

Published: Aug. 15, 2017 at 5:53 PM EDT
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News Release Sent from Office of Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson:

Toledo, Ohio - Today, Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson in partnership with Lucas County, Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority and Regional Growth Partnership of Northwest Ohio revealed the Toledo Development Momentum map. The map quantifies and graphically demonstrates all of the private sector commercial and industrial projects that have been announced in the city of Toledo. The map demonstrates that almost $3 billion dollars has been invested in Toledo in the last three years, and result in more than 3800 new jobs.

The economic momentum in the city shows progress for our business partners and the people who live here. The Development Momentum map introduced today includes major industrial and commercial projects within the City of Toledo that will result in job creation, significant capital investment and diversify our economy.

The City of Toledo means business. In 2017, the City’s Division of Building Inspection has approved 305 commercial plans, equaling a total construction value of $396 million. The investment in 2017 already outpaces 2016 by more than 20 percent, where there were 453 commercial plans approved with a total construction value of $323 million.

Mayor Hicks-Hudson and the City’s Department of Economic and Business Development continue to work to remove unnecessary hurdles and make it easier for businesses to invest in Toledo. Under the leadership of the Mayor, the city has expanded the Division of Building Inspection and upgraded its software and capabilities to be able to submit, review and return building plans online. In addition to streamlining public services, the City has also made strategic investments in public infrastructure improvements over the years to be able to entice new businesses to particular sites, as well as offered incentives, partnerships and property acquisitions.


“City staff has been working together with our partners and businesses to bring investment and transform our city for a better place to live and work,” says Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson.

“The Toledo Development Momentum map was created to demonstrate the amount of investment dollars and new jobs created in the City of Toledo, so we can continue to recruit new businesses,” says Economic and Business Development Director Calvin Lawshe.