Mayor urges women vote for her

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TOLEDO - (13abc, Action News) - Supported by women elected to council and state house offices... Toledo mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson appealed for the woman's vote.

She touted her time in office as a success and wanted women to know it.

She admits there are no issues specifically of concern to women in this race, but she and her supporters made the direct appeal for the women's vote anyway.

The mayor said, "It's really setting up that women are able to govern and that we are able to make good results in short time."

It's smart political strategy.

As the only woman in the race, against two white men, the mayor can appeal to both gender and race.

According to the United States Census Bureau, in Ohio, more women (71.7%) are registered to vote than men (67.2%) and more women (63.9%) end up casting a ballot than men (58.6%).

And the Pew Research Center found 80% of blacks vote Democrat.

Paula Hicks-Hudson is the endorsed Democrat in the race.

Council candidate Ceclia Adams admits today's appeal is get women to support elected women, telling 13 abc reporter Bill Hormann, "Once you get them there, you want to keep them there, especially when they're doing a great job."

Ohio State Representative, Teresa Fedor (D-45) said, 'No apologies. No apologies. I know a lot of men who understand this. They understand the balance. We need a balance."

Rhonda Hitt, a voter says target specific voting blocks is not good for politics.

And her mother wants competence... and won't settle for an appeal to gender alone.

Patricia Hitt says, "I'm not going to vote just because she's a woman. I vote for what her issues are and how she's going to help us."