Mayoral candidates discuss hiring more police officers

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TOLEDO - (13abc, Action News) - The number changes almost every day because of retirements but, right now, Toledo's police force stands at about 602 officers.

The federal government says a city our size needs about 700 officers.

Democrat Wade Kapsuzkiewicz vows to hire 40-new officers each of his 4-years as mayor.

He says that will more than make up for the 25-retirees we see each year, creating a net of 15 new officers per year.

Kapsuzukiewicz says, "A net gain of 60 police officers over the 4-year term that I am mayor would grow our force to 660."

He says by trimming government redundancy you could pay the million dollar cost each year.

Then, you'd have enough cops doing their jobs the way they want..

Kapszukiewicz says, "And that's to get out of their squad cars, to walk around the neighborhood, to build relationships, to get to know the kids to get to know the familes to knew where the hotspots are."

Current mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson, who's running for re-election says outlining a specific number of officers for the force is "fo olish and short-sighted."

The mayor wants to hire more police but she isn't committing to any certain number.

She wants to focus on hiring more women and minorities on the force.

And, she insists, new technology like cameras can supplement lower manpower numbers.

Hicks-Hudson says, "We have to be flexible. We have to be responsive and that's what we have done and what we're going to continue to do."

Republican Tom Waniewski says cameras can't replace cops, saying, "There are just some things that a camera can't do from a handsahke to how you doing to walk to the porch."

Waniewski wants to add 100-officers over the next two years to get to 700.

It would cost about $4-million, but he would trim government redundancies and rework the budget to free up the money.

Waniewski says, "What my goal is is to engage the officers more closely with the public, with the niehgborhoods and the only way we're going to do that is if we have more patrols in the neighborhoods

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