Medical marijuana grow facility approved for Gibsonburg

GIBSONBURG (13abc Action News) - Medical marijuana will be grown in northwest Ohio but not in a place you probably expected.

A company operating out of the village of Gibsonburg was awarded a license Thursday morning for a large scale operation.

Gibsonburg officials say this announcement is a testament to what they call the "Gibsonburg way.” That’s pride in the community, pride in yourself while having a chip on your shoulder. In this case it paid off.

Right now it’s an empty field on Commerce Drive near County Road 66. On it sits a lonely piece of construction equipment. But by next September you'll see a 52,000 square foot building growing medical marijuana.

“From the start to now it's been a total community effort,” said Marc Glotzbecker, Gibsonburg Village Administrator.

It'll be owned by a company called Standard Wellness. Gibsonburg officials say from the first pitch they were impressed by the company's professionalism and robust plan. One that will mean millions of dollars in investment in things like construction, jobs and community initiatives.

“We don't expect Standard Wellness to come in the first year and save the community but we understand it's a good relationship and we're in it together,” said Glotzbecker

“It sounded like they wanted to do everything right. Wanted to try to be a good citizen of this community and give back as much as possible," said Doug Mitchell with Widmer and Associates.

Mitchell's company Widmer and Associates will be neighbors to the new grow facility. Mitchell says they've met with Standard Wellness team.

“I think it sounds good. Sounds good for the local economy," said Mitchell.

“It's fine with me. I think it's a pretty good deal," said Phil Fairbanks, who lives right in front of the facility.

Fairbanks is encouraged that it will be contained and will have no signage advertising what's happening at the 25 acre site. The company has an option for 15 more acres.

“It's a relationship we need to work with them. We'd like to in 25 years from now like to see them still here," said Glotzbecker.

This site is shovel ready. Water, sewer and electricity are all ready to go. Expect to see work happening soon because state law says the medical marijuana program needs to be up and running by next September.

As for where to actually get the marijuana no dispensary licenses have been issued yet. The state received 370 applications for dispensaries. There's no set date as to when those applications have to be approved but the dispensaries must be up and running by September 8th of 2018.