Mercy Health opens NW Ohio's first Trauma Recovery Center for victims of crime

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - For victims of crime, physical wounds can heal.

"Everybody comes to the hospital and gets great trauma, physical care," Dr. John Leskovan said, Trauma Medical Director at Mercy Health St Vincent Medical Center. "Their medical conditions are taken care of."

But emotionally, the pain still lingers.

"There's a real lack of mental health treatments throughout the country," Dr. Leskovan added.

This is a problem Dr. Leskovan and his team knew they needed to address.

"You don't think of trauma, maybe, as domestic violence, or you may not think of trauma as human trafficking, but the people going through that are actually going through that are going through one of the more horrible things ever in their life," Dr. Leskovan said.

With the help of a Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant from the Ohio Attorney General's Office, they were able to create the first Trauma Recovery Center in Northwest Ohio. It boasts a number of services for both children and adults, including individual and group therapy, in addition to clinical case management and advocacy.

"Everybody's trauma is different, even if it is the same mechanisms," Dr. Leskovan said. "Our therapists tailor their therapy to their specific situation."

Since opening its doors back in May, it's received more than 200 referrals from Lucas County courts and local emergency rooms. The services are available to all Ohio residents who have been a victim of crime.

"You come in probably in one of the worst points of your life. We fix you physically. We fix you mentally and cognitively to put you back into the population here in Toledo, and you can function. That's the goal," Dr. Leskovan added.

The Trauma Recovery Center is located at Mercy Health St Vincent Medical Center. For more information, call the TRC team at 419-251-0707.