Meteorites discovered in Michigan

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TOLEDO, OH (13abc Action News) – At least 4 meteorites have been found so far from Tuesday's fireball. The black crusted dense rocks that were found were about the size of a golf ball. At least one meteorite was found on top of a frozen lake north of Ann Arbor. The out of this world discovery also happened about the same time that NASA provided more information about the superbolide (exploding fireball that has an apparent magnitude of -17 or brighter). NASA revised the estimated speed of this meteor when it hit the earth's atmosphere. It was moving at an estimated 36,000 mph instead of 28,000 mph. That is still a slow moving space rock. Our average shooting star is moving at about 100,000 mph. Also this space rock was large before it burned up and exploded! It was about 6 feet in diameter which is about the height of a human. However, this rock weighed about as much as a small car at 2,200 pounds.