East Maumee riverfront getting Metroparks makeover

Published: Apr. 11, 2020 at 12:39 AM EDT
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For a long time, the conversation around the stretch of land on the east side of the Maumee River in the Marina District has been about potential.

Now, Metroparks Toledo is confident that they know what the land will be, and their plan is bold.

"People are familiar with the Metroparks like Wildwood, Pearson, Side Cut. Picture that quality of park with those sorts of amenities all along our eastside riverfront," Metroparks Toledo spokesperson Scott Carpenter said.

For decades, plans have come and gone for the Marina District. Carpenter said that this time, things are different.

"Nothing ever quite clicked; the timing wasn't right or the project wasn't right. Things are clicking now," Carpenter said.

Friday, a new plan was unveiled to transform the riverfront.

"It's really going to increase property values, increase tourism, increase economic development all along that East Toledo stretch, along the waterway, and downtown," said Ignazio Messina, spokesperson for the city of Toledo.

"Phase one which will open this year in Glass City will have a nice building, a sledding hill, a lot of other trails, amenities like a boardwalk stretching over the river a lot of fun stuff for the whole family," said Carpenter.

Also included in the plan is a campground, and an ice skating ribbon, among other amenities.

And it will all fit as Metroparks seeks funding to renovate and take ownership of International Park, according to Carpenter.

"This is what successful cities do. They take their waterfront, and they use it in great ways to make it accessible to the neighborhoods nearby and businesses," said Messina,

"Let's look at the whole thing as one bright future for the east side, for downtown right across the river, and our whole community," said Carpenter.

The plans for the riverfront extend from the National Museum of the Great Lakes all the way to I-280.

The first phase of the Glass City Park should be completed by the end of the year, but the entire project should take years to complete.

If you would like to explore the detailed plan, click on the image below: