Midwest Expands Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Published: Aug. 21, 2018 at 5:46 PM EDT
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Midwest Recovery Center is adding Medicaid to it's list of accepted insurance carriers. So now the facility is going to be able to admit a larger number of addicts seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Until now, Midwest was only able to accept private insurance patients and that meant opening doors to patients from out of the area because so few people struggling with addiction have private insurance.

Lindsay from Toledo has struggled with heroin addiction for 10 years. "After losing my job and kind of getting further into my addiction, I lost my private insurance and have been on Medicaid," says Lindsay. "I've been very fortunate, Midwest has been able to scholarship me here."

Midwest Director Matt Bell says the accreditation took over a year. "Until now, we had to refer people to other facilities, you just never know when you give that phone number to if they're going to use it," says Bell. The addition of Medicaid beds now brings Midwest to 44 detox beds at it's current Maumee facility. Six month outpatient treatment will be housed at a new facility at 7430 New West Road off King Road in Sylvania Township.