Mike Floyd makes his head coaching debut for Central Catholic

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - After six years as a small college basketball assistant coach, Mike Floyd's time to make his mark as a head coach is here Friday with the Central Catholic Fighting Irish.

"It's an exciting moment I guess for me, you know this being my first head coaching job," Floyd said. "(I'm) interested to see how it's going to go, you know you're going to have to kind of learn on the job a little bit."

One thing Floyd does not need to learn about are the schools in the Three Rivers Athletic Conference and that includes Friday night's opponent at the Sullivan Center - St. John's Jesuit - the school Floyd played for and graduated from in 2006.

"It's not necessarily easier with the schedule set up especially when you see St. John's on that first line," Floyd said. "But it kind of gives you a little sense of urgency, (it) wants you to get your guys as prepared as possible."

Lots of people coach against the school where they received a diploma.

But what about coaching against the coach you played for at that school?

Floyd has that task Friday - in his first game - against Ed Heintschel who just happens to be in year number 40 with the Titans.

"The fact that it is the opening game for him, probably means a little bit more to him than it does to me, frankly," Heintschel said. "But I'm really happy for him. I think he'll do a great job for Central and I'm looking forward to the competition."

Central Catholic's delay to the start of the season is intentional because of the deep run the school's football team usually makes in the playoffs. This year happens to be a coincidence with the way the conference schedule lays out for this season, combined with the school's new boys basketball coach.

"I'm excited to get going," Floyd said. "It's kind of that no matter who you're playing opening game of the season whether you're a player or an assistant coach now as a head coach you're always going to have those excited nerves just to get going."

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