Millions coming to communities after gas tax increase

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - We're getting a better idea of how much money will be coming back to our area with that increase in the gas tax. It's going to mean a boost to the number of streets that can be patched and resurfaced.

You, as a driver, will be contributing to these dollars but so are all the drivers that come from out of state and pump gas at our stations.

With the gas tax increasing by over 10 cents a gallon for regular here are the number statewide for dollars coming back to communities. These are estimates for 2020:

Columbus $43.1 million
Cleveland $15.1 million
Cincinnati $13.3 million
Toledo $13.2 million
Akron $8.6 million
Dayton $6.3 million

Here are more of our local communities:

Findlay $2.5 million
Perrysburg $1.3 million
Oregon $1.3 million
Bowling Green $1.1 million
Sylvania: $1 million

Each city, township and village gets its cut based on the number of registered drivers.

Then there's the issue over the cameras. The legislature slipped in a provision withholding money for all the money collected from red light and speed cameras. That won't come out of the dollars above but it will come from another area.

Expect the camera issued to be headed to court.