Millions of Americans hit the road for the long Memorial Day weekend

SANDUSKY COUNTY, Ohio (WTVG) - As Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summer, people are packing up and setting out.

"[We're] driving to Akron, Ohio for a family reunion," Bill Franklin from Michigan said.

"We just camp out with the grandkids," Joseph Hara from Sylvania added.

According to AAA, 37.6 million people will hit the road over the long weekend. That number sets a new record for the holiday with 3.5 percent more people on the streets compared to last year.

"I've got my one daughter who's 2, this one is 7 months, and then I have a dog in the very back who, unfortunately, has no room to lay down barely," Lauren Geremiah from Virginia said as she pointed to her car.

At the turnpike's Wyandot Travel Plaza 13abc spotted license plates from Iowa to Ontario. With people coming from all directions travelers had different views on the traffic.

"We saw several people just bopping in and out of traffic, and it was a little worrisome," Hara said.

"No huge traffic [issues], and in Chicago it was hailing this morning, so we're happy that the weather's good," Geremiah said.

"A little construction here and there, but, hey, it's time for it," Franklin said. "So not a problem."

With Thursday and Friday being the worst of the travel days many people are now hoping to enjoy the weekend. For those who still have to travel, drivers on the turnpike have some advice for you.

"This is a long weekend so slow down," Hara said. "Take your time, please."