Millions of Dollars Proposed To Clean Up Lake Erie

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is rolling out some of his proposed budget plans one day ahead of presenting it to the general assembly. In it DeWine has a huge amount set aside to combat toxic algae in Lake Erie along with cleaning up waterways throughout the state. The proposal H2Ohio fund would allocate 85-million dollars in the first year with up to 900-million in a set aside fund to tackle the problem over a 10-year period. DeWine says he chose the 10-year time frame because it does no good to "lurch from budget to budget" when it comes to designing a water treatment plan.

Another part of DeWine's budget proposal is to double money to Children's Services across the state. This is in response to the Opioid epidemic and the effects on the foster care system. Budgets for these agencies statewide have exploded by millions of dollars to treat and place the children whose parents are struggling with addiction.

DeWine is also proposing 5-million dollars each year for the next two years to combat lead poisoning. It would help pay for additional testing of children who might have high lead levels. Right now only 60-percent of Medicaid-eligible children are tested each year. Lead Screenings need to be done to identify at risk housing. Other money can be used to pay for testing of housing, and offer possible tax credits to landlords who clean up the properties.