Milo Range: Owens Community College's new crime fighting tool

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PERRYSBURG, Ohio (WTVG) - Owens Community College has a new crime fighting tool to help train cadets and officers how to respond to current threats they face on the job.

The new training system is called the Milo Range Mobile-Situation Awareness Training System.

It provides interactive video scenarios for cadets. Instructors say this system is a great way to improve skills and judgment. They can also playback the video of the cadets during training.

The Milo system is the only one in Northwest Ohio. It's available for other police agencies for training, with over 800 training scenarios involving use of force or de-escalation videos.

"We can also develop our own videos and training as well. we'll get through all these videos first before we start doing that
but they are very realistic," Mark King, Chair of Criminal Justice at Owens Community College, said.

Owens Community College purchased the crime tool through a grant.