Mold issues could force people from Toledo apartments

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - Major mold and water issues have been uncovered inside a Toledo apartment complex. Several people have been told they can no longer live there.

Now the 13abc I-Team has learned that the Lucas County housing agency has ordered more testing at the complex, after issuing a fail notice.

It's the apartments inside the Chestnut Hill complex. That in the 1100 block of Champlain near Chestnut.

Your heart would probably sink if you get the letter and read the words "Notice of mandatory move” followed by “You are required to move” Etta Koonce remembers reading them all.

"I was in tears honestly but in fact I had to keep going," said Koonce.

She first noticed mold inside her unit at the complex owned and operated by a group called the Volunteers of America. Staff members said they'd inspect. Eventually the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority inspected. It wasn't up to LMHA codes and standards.

Since LMHA gives Koonce a voucher to live here, it decided Koonce won't get a voucher to live in this unit in this condition.

"I'm still in a battle to find someplace to live. Carry on and grow from this," said Koonce.

Koonce was getting her life together. In the last few years, she'd been homeless but no more. She's been job searching recently despite medical setbacks.

"There is a champion, the courage in me to allow people to know what was going on because there are other people who aren't as fortunate as I am," said Koonce

She has until July 31st to be out. She's being offered her security deposit back but says she doesn't feel she should have to pay for a move because she doesn't think she's done anything wrong.

"This move has nothing to do with me. I've complied with everything in the resident's book and my lease. I've had no issues or complaints in the time I've been here," said Koonce.

As for LMHA, it has sent a total of 4 letters telling people to vacant back in May.

An inspection Thursday turned up more water damage issues, according to the LMHA executive director.

LMHA ordered more testing by the owners within 24 hours and if more issues are detected, a cleanup plan must be put into motion right away.

Volunteers of America have now responded to 13abc for comment on this situation. Spokesperson David Burch says additional air testing is scheduled for Thursday, June 22, with results expected early next week. He says the issue appears to be a down spout problem with water getting to the brick.