Mom, police want answers after alleged assault at Blissfield HS

BLISSFIELD, Mich. (WTVG) - A mom is looking for tough penalties and a police department is looking for cooperation. All this after an alleged assault inside Blissfield High School.

A student was touched inappropriately and even police can't get the whole story.

Not only is the mother of this alleged victim not happy with how the case was investigated, police aren't getting straight answers. Was this horseplay by kids or a sexual assault?

After an October 17th practice at Blissfield High School, a young boy was heading home and didn't want to tell his mom what he says happened.

"He said 'No mom I can't talk about it. I've been sexually assaulted.' I said, what do you mean by that?" said the mom.

13abc is not revealing the mother or the child's identity.

He did eventually tell his mom that after using the restroom, several fellow members of the JV football team approached him.

"Just constantly grabbing and pinching and groping my butt. He goes I told them to please stop," this mom told 13abc.

Mom says her son told them to stop but they allegedly did not.

"When somebody tells you no, no means no whether you are male or female it shouldn't matter," said the mom.

Here's what Superintendent Jerry Johnson said in a statement to 13abc:

The situation was brought to the attention of the administration and thoroughly investigated. It involved a junior varsity player with other junior varsity players. The conduct was limited to male students slapping other fully clothed males on the buttocks. Such conduct is not condoned by the district and appropriate disciplinary consequences were administered.

We value our students and make it a priority to provide a safe learning environment. We plan to have sensitivity training for our student athletes in the near future.

The child's mother filed a police report with Blissfield police who are being stonewalled.

Chief Dale Greenleaf told 13abc that his office is investigating but that most if not all the students have lawyers and have refused to give police a statement.

"We try to make the world a better place for our kids and it seems like we're moving backwards, not forwards," the mom added to 13abc.

Superintendent Johnson says he won't go into detail on the discipline the students received. He did say the issue was investigated thoroughly.