Even while closed, Mom's House celebrates their 2020 graduates

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Mom's House is celebrating mothers who are graduating from high school and college.

The non-profit organization provides free childcare and other resources for young mothers who are pursuing education.

Alicia Underwood, 23, turned to Mom's House for help with her 10-month-old son Devyn while she finished her degree.

"He was born on July 22, right before my last semester and I really wanted to finish," Underwood said. "My mom used to work at the pregnancy center, so she told me I should apply and try and get in here. I feel like there's nothing you can't do without a little help, and Mom's House does more than just a little bit. They do so much for us and they are so supportive and they go out of their way all the time for us."

"Today we focus on success, graduation, what's next, and there is going to be a next, so regardless of what people say, how they feel, we choose to look at the positive side of this," Mom's House executive director Christine Rodriquez said. "We are watching our moms be different types of mothers. This has helped us help them become who they are suppose to be and to pursue their purpose."

For Alicia, the next step is grad school. That means Devyn gets to spend more time at Mom's House.

Mom's House is hoping to re-open June 1.