Mom's House marks major milestone with record-breaking graduation

Published: May. 22, 2017 at 5:25 PM EDT
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A major milestone for a local organization that helps low-income, single moms pursue their education. The goal of Mom's House is to help break the cycle of poverty. Tuesday night is a special graduation for the program.

Mom's House has helped hundreds of women and their children in the last 25 years. There is plenty to celebrate at the graduation. Kristina Mounts is the mother of a young boy. While she was in school, he was at the Mom's House day care, "This place strives to teach you how to be a mom, how to be a good mom. We also learn how to do all that and go to school so we can be more than another statistic of a single mom or a welfare mom."

Kristina is graduating from Mom's House tomorrow. She also just got a degree in interdisciplinary studies from The University of Toledo, "I graduated Cum Laude, I was on the Dean's List and I graduated a semester early."

Like many of the women and children helped by this program, Kristina says without it her life may be very different, "Mom's House is all encompassing.I received counseling. When I struggled in a couple classes, I got tutoring. Anything I ever needed as far as social support was 100% taken care of.they helped not only me but my son and my family."

The focus of Mom's House is to help single moms pursue their educations By dong that, Executive Director Christina Rodriguez says the entire community benefits,"We watch the women come in scared and vulnerable and worried about their future. They walk out of here with confidence and a degree or a diploma. We take the young ladies from being tax consumers to tax producers.We help them get out of the welfare system. break the cycle of repeat pregnancies and get them into the community and giving back to the community."

While the women are pursuing their educations, their children come to the Mom's House day care."We have babies come in as young as six weeks and they can stay with us until they are 5. It is an opportunity for us to not only impact the mom but also dive into the lives of their children. We are able to bring two generations of change to break the cycle of poverty."

That is certainly the case for Kristina and her son, "I am very proud and happy and grateful for all the help I've gotten to make this possible. I realize every day just how blessed I am."

The graduation ceremony is Tuesday night at 6pm at Walbridge Park.

There are nine moms graduating, and three children are graduating from the pre-school. This is the 25th graduation for Mom's House, and it's the biggest yet.

There is also a 25th anniversary party set for June 23rd at The Pinnacle in Maumee.

We've posted a link if you'd like to learn more about the work of Mom's House.