Monroe Health Department warns parents to lock up marijuana edibles

Published: Jul. 22, 2019 at 6:36 PM EDT
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Marijuana comes in many forms. Certain kinds can resemble candy or treats which is a safety concern if the drug gets into the hands of children. Marijuana use is legal for both medicinal and recreational use in Michigan, but authorities are issuing a warning on the importance of locking up the weed.

State money is allowing the Monroe County Health Department to conduct an education and outreach campaign that reminds parents about the importance of storing marijuana properly away from children.

"I take it one further and I never have it in my home. Ever. I keep it outside of my home in my shed locked up, still, but in my shed," a medicinal marijuana user told 13abc reporter Micaela Marshall. You can watch the full interview in this article.

This mother uses topical and edible weed to treat her chronic pain. 13abc spoke with her outside the Monroe Chronic Releaf Certification Center.

"I think they could definitely make them look less appealing to children, but if a parent is doing what they're supposed to be doing then they won't see their medicine," she said.

Since Proposal One passed in November, marijuana is legal recreationally in Michigan. It's the law to securely store it. John Wall of the Monroe Police Department says easier access leads to serious problems.

"We do see it to be an issue in the schools stemming back from 2018 and into 19 here. We see our school resource officers dealing with it, with the bringing in edibles as far as cookies or brownies or gummies or suckers. We've seen those things introduced into the school setting," said Captian Wall.

While patients say the drug takes away pain, it can be harmful if consumed by a child.

"Just like any other medicine you have in your home you want it to be away from your children. You don't want them to be able to get in to the Tylenol, Aspirin, stuff like that. So, you keep it locked up at all times," said the medicinal marijuana patient.

"Whether it be alcohol or whether it be marijuana, the two are vastly different, but the responsibility is the same," said Captain Wall.

The Monroe County Health Department is teaming up with Michigan State Police to present the dangers of marijuana use to youth. This fall, they will distribute locking bags to the community.

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