Monthly meeting with the mayor tackles everything from potholes to the budget

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Once a month, Toledo's mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz sets aside a couple of hours for taxpayers. This month, at the Locke Branch Library, around 75 people came out to ask questions and voice concerns and they certainly weren't shy.

One man said, " we should have $19 million dedicated to streets and fixing potholes."

Another woman in the crowd asked the mayor about his plan to fund those repairs, saying, "Where are you going to get the money. You say it needs money so what's the plan to get the money."

Street conditions were a huge topic of discussion. The crowd also asked about Kapszukiewicz's thoughts on the county's plan for a new Lucas county jail.

"Don't you think it makes sense to keep the jail downtown?," one woman asked.

There were also concerns about moving money from budget to budget instead of spending it on infrastructure.

"The city is regularly raiding the [CIP] fund to put it in other places."

But it was comments made at a council meeting Tuesday that truly took center stage.

"It's racist and I feel misrepresented by it," Ivory Howard, who lives in Toledo, said.

This week, when talking about the renovations at Joe E. Brown Park a city worker said it didn't have basketball courts because of the "crowd" the sport attracts.

Kapszukiewicz addressed the situation saying the comments don't represent his views or beliefs and that staff will be going through additional training.

"Sports and things like that create social situations not just athleticism," Howard said.

She adds that the city has to do better in engaging the city's young people and give them creative and athletic outlets to help keep them off the streets.

"It literally takes a village. Toledo is my village and I want to see the youth prosper. I don't want [the city] taking things away," Howard said.

The mayor did answer or address every question that was posed to him Wednesday night.

The next Wednesdays with Wade is April 4, 2018 at the Sanger Branch Library.