Mosaic Ministries to open community center in the Old South End

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) It looks like an old, rundown building, but it could be the key to changing Toledo's Old South End. Mosaic Ministries is looking to turn the building into a community center for families in the neighborhood.

"It's a 1916 building," says Pastor David Kaiser. "They actually tore down a building from the 1860s to build this."

Mosaic Ministries is raising $1.5 million to turn that building into a hub for education and resources for families. Pastor Kaiser says they are already halfway there.

"There's about 4,000 households in the Old South End," he says. "49% of those live in poverty so they need help and are willing to accept help to change their lives."

The organization has been reaching out to families in the community for a while, offering food, clothing and resources.

27-year-old Kailee Jenkins says she came from a long history of family abuse.

"They told me I would never amount to anything," she says. "And I believed it so long until I felt I wanted to break the cycle."

Thanks to the resources provided by Mosaic Ministries, the mother of two was able to get her GED and support her children. In just three years, she went from being homeless to a college student.

"I am a full-time college student. I work part-time. I have a home, a car, and I am finally doing things the way they are supposed to be done," says Kailee.

The hope is to help even more struggling moms and stabilize more families in the Old South End.

If you would like to assist Mosaic Ministries in their effort, you can visit