Mother Of Murdered Daughter Reaches Out For Trauma Support

TOLEDO Melanie Shoop lost her daughter Melissa to a domestic violence murder at the end of October. She is now living in a hotel trying to take care of her daughters children 9-year old Lilly and 20-month old Rose.
She and the girls don't want to go back and live in the house where Melissa was murdered by her estranged boyfriend. And Melanie says she's had trouble finding mental health support for her and the two girls since that traumatic night. "I need help dealing with the anger and the sadness, I have to find a way to put it behind me so I can raise these girls," says Shoop.

Melanie says she has gone back to their normal routine as best they can. Lilly is back in school and is getting counseling one day a week, and back to playing sports and girl scouts. "They needed that routine."
Baby Rose is just 20-months old and doesn't realize what happened to her mother, it's Lilly that Melanie is worried about. "She knows the truth, she doesn't really want to talk about the truth, she'll talk about her mother, she almost never talks about her father," says Shoop.

As a result of the lack of mental health support that she's encountered, Shoop says she is fighting for help to support victims of trauma and passing along the tragic lessons she's learning along this painful journey. "You need help. I'm not one that ever asks for help, but I need help now, I can't navigate this by myself without somebody to help me."