Mouse droppings found in Waite High School cafeteria

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- Inside the kitchen at Waite High School, health inspectors say there's evidence of unwanted guests.

Those guests are mice, and the evidence is what they leave behind.

This week, during a Standard Health Inspection in the Waite High School cafeteria, a sanitarian with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department "Observed mouse droppings throughout the dry storage room, kitchen and some in the serving area ... mouse droppings on boxes and shelves with food .. mouse droppings along the walls that need to be cleaned daily."

That sanitarian tells 13abc she suggested several ways to keep out the mice, including sealing the gaps at the bottom of the kitchen doors.

A spokesperson for the health department says sanitarians are working closely with those at Waite, and keeping an eye on the mouse problem to make sure it doesn't get any worse.

The health department is also urging the staff to clean as frequently as possible because according to the sanitarian, there's no telling how long the droppings had been there.

In response, the Director of Building Services at Toledo Public Schools says, "We are aware of this issue at Waite High School and have a local pest control company visiting the site weekly. Custodial staff at the school is working in conjunction with that company in an effort to help eliminate the problem."

Another Standard Health Inspection is set for later this month unless the health department says the situation gets any worse.