Multiple people hurt after shooting at “illegal bar” on Stickney Sunday morning

Published: Sep. 1, 2019 at 5:07 AM EDT
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Toledo police say multiple people were hurt after a shooting on Stickney Avenue Sunday morning.

Investigators say victims showed up at area hospitals. Toledo police identify the victims as Roy Barringer, 29, Ebony Jackson, 24, Daniel Garth, 42 and Laren Watkins, 20.

Detectives went to those hospitals to try to speak with the victims and piece together what happened.

According to a command officer, the incident happened around 4:00 AM. Authorities say the investigation stems from E. Oakland Street to Clay Avenue and Hudson Street.

A sergeant on scene told 13abc evidence was found throughout the area on those streets.

Toledo police believe the violence spilled out of an illegal after hours bar located at 3257 Stickney.

It’s a place that has been raided in the past and the sergeant on scene says has been known to cause trouble in this neighborhood.

There was also a car on scene here that had bullet holes in it.

At this time - police have no suspects and have made no arrests.