Murder victim's friend speaks out

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Toledo police continue to look for the gunman accused of committing Toledo's first murder of 2018. The victim's close friend is speaking out.
The close friend called reporter Alexis Means to set the record straight and told her Quincy Holmes was a good guy.

"He was the only one from the projects from my neck of the woods that graduated," said friend John Thomas.

24 year old Quincy Holmes graduated from Rogers high school. He was shot and killed while driving his car on airport highway. His car ran into an apartment building. His family and friends say he did not live a street life.

"He was an all around good dude. The way they tried to make it seem or portray how he was that's not the person he was," said Thomas.

John Thomas is Quincy's good friend. He's talking this statement this comment from the Toledo police department.

"He was a suspect in a back and forth gun battle I guess you could say," said Toledo police Sgt. Kevan Toney.

According to a court document Quincy Holmes was arrested in December and charged with improper handing a firearm and discharging a firearm. He allegedly admitted to firing several rounds at another vehicle as both drove at a high rate of speed through the neighborhoods of Lewis and Dryden. Police are investigating whether that shooting and Holmes murder are cases of retaliation.

"The police department didn't give the full story. They tried to make it seem like he was the suspect. He was really the victim in the case they tried to say he was arrested for. What they didn't tell you. He was coming from work and they tried to get on him. They didn't tell you he had a gun license. They didn't tell you he has never been charged with a felony a day in his life. That was his first time going to jail. They didn't tell you all that," said Thomas.

Toledo police have no suspects in the murder case. In the meantime his family and friends say they will remember him as a young man who wanted the best for everyone.

"Quincy loved life. He was a giver. Quincy for real is a mama's boy," said Thomas.

The police department confirms that Quincy Holmes was licensed to carry a gun. Again Toledo police are asking if you know anything about this murder to call Crime Stopper.