NBA legend, West Virginia native, Jerry West receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- WASHINGTON (Gray DC) – NBA executive and former player, Jerry West, received the Medal of Freedom from President Trump at the White House Thursday afternoon. West was an MVP several times throughout his 14-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. Following his time on the court, he also became head coach of the Lakers and eventually general manager.

Jerry West discusses the Medal of Freedom and his time at West Virginia University with Gray DC following the ceremony at the White House. (Source: Gray DC)

"It's an incredible honor," West said following the ceremony. "Something I never dreamed would happen to someone like me."

Along with his career with the Los Angeles Lakers, West is well-known for a successful run at West Virginia University. He originally hails from the Mountain State. He was named to the WVU Sports Hall of Fame in 1991 as part of the inaugural class.

"That was the most formative years of my life," West said. "I was very shy, backward, I didn't even know if I belonged in school. I had people who supported me to stay in school... and it was the best decision of my life."

West currently works as a consultant for the Los Angeles Clippers. He can also be seen as the famous NBA logo—modeled after a photo of him playing with the Lakers in 1969.
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