Re-entry program helps serial killer Nathaniel Cook adjust to life outside of prison

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council helps offenders adjust to life outside of prison. Nathaniel Cook will spend six months in a work release program before he goes to live with his sister. Workers with the re-entry program say Cook wants to get his drivers license.

"He has no blocks on his license. I took him a BMV book and I told him you need to study because if I took that exam I 'd have to restudy. He's been studying for the BMV exam. He needs to take the written portion and the driving portion. His sister has a vehicle he can use if and when the court allows him to move around, " said Thomas Luettke, re-entry coordinator for the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council in Toledo.

The 59 year old man has two sisters who still live in Toledo.

"They both indicated willingness to have him reside with them. I don't know if there are any complications if he is on the registry now, but he will also be staying at work release for awhile to first," said Luettke.

Luettke says they are working to get Cook a job and job training.

"We have individuals from Goodwill Industries that are part of the re-entry coalition. They are going to meet with him as soon as he gets there. They will figure out what he needs. Does he need any math things like that. I don't know what his educational background is, but they are hopeful to get him connected to a job that will at least sustain him," said Luettke.

Nathaniel Cook will be classified as a sexual predator and he will be monitored by GPS for one year.