Need to send a message? We know a guy

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- Richard Surprise is up to something.

Surprise, 36, does woodworking in his home on Jackman Rd. in Toledo. It's a skill he learned in 7th grade shop class at Jefferson Junior High.

During the day, Surprise mows lawns and delivers food for Doordash. At night, under cover of darkness, he combines the two for a lawn dash.

"I put two and two together and said, 'Well, I can make letters out of wood.," said Surprise.

The result is a start-up business: Lawn Greetings Toledo. For $30.00, Surprise will install a message in a lawn of your choice sometime between 11:00 PM and 4:00 AM. When the resident wakes up, the message is spelled out in 1-foot letters in the lawn.

"I can design anything you want to go along with your greeting," adds Surprise. "You can make the greeting as big as your yard will hold."

The message "Will You Marry Me?" is on his front lawn to promote his business. It's not a real proposal, but it is very real marketing for an entrepreneur in the making.

Surprise says he will spell out anything that is not mean or offensive. The rental stays in place for 24 hours, then Surprise comes back to retrieve his letters.

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