Neighbor recounts Toledo apartment fire that left one man with serious injuries

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Candice Kwapich is counting her blessings after she and her neighbors escaped a fire at a Toledo apartment complex.

"It was black, like really black, and very dark," said Kwapich. "I went door-to-door to tell people to get out."

Firefighters were called Friday night to Building Three at King's Cove Apartments off Key Street near Heatherdowns. They arrived to find heavy smoke coming from a second floor unit and quickly worked to attack it.

"It was confined to one apartment in the kitchen area," said Private Sterling Rahe with Toledo Fire and Rescue.

Investigators say the fire started in the apartment's kitchen and it's believed to be accidental. The man living there suffered life-threatening injuries but made it out alive thanks to the help of his neighbors.

"I helped carry him down the steps and laid him out on the lawn," said Kwapich.

Despite thousands of dollars in damage firefighters say everyone in the building is lucky to be alive and they credit it to working smoke detectors.

"I believe that's what aroused some of the neighbors that this was going off and they could smell something burning," said Rahe.

Wih the cause of the fire still under investigation Kwapich says she's happy to still have a home after a situation that could have been a lot worse.

"It's surprising," said Kwapich. "A little alarming. It's kind of like a reality check."

At this point the man living in that apartment has yet to be named. Investigators say they want to talk with him to find out exactly what happened.

We'll be sure to pass along any updates, including the man's condition, as soon as we get them.