Neighborhood plants seeds of change

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A neighborhood once known for violence and drug activity, is now known for its vegetable patch and goat barn.

Menter is a short street off Cherry.

Neighbors used to call it "Murder Alley" because of all the shootings.

They even found a dead body.

With the help of Mercy Health, it's now called "Glory Road" thanks to the Green Team planting seeds.

"Its all about changing the environment and when you change the environment to a positive place, you actually reduce crime and stabilize neighborhoods," said Karen Rogalski, Mercy Health Cherry Street Legacy Coordinator. "And now, the neighbors come out, they bring out their grandchildren and that makes me proud."

"Everybody has their own way of leading, brains, strength, who is being the funniest and we all work together," Green Team member Monte Chenault said.

There are about 15 kids on the Green Team.

They are also working on a few other gardens within a few blocks of Menter Street.