Neighborhood wants to revamp old Westwood Theatre

Published: Mar. 11, 2017 at 10:23 PM EST
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Changes could be coming to the old Westwood Arts Theatre in the Library Village.

It's up for sale and there's a neighborhood push to acquire that space and turn it into community use.

A neighborhood group called the Sylvania Avenue Neighbors is hoping a buyer transforms this into a community theater or something similar.

A decent crowd gathered at Augsburg Lutheran Church to talk about the possibilities.

"The support we've had so far is really strong and that's what we're here to do, just keep that momentum going," said Greg Lyons, President of the Sylvania Avenue Neighbors.

Revamping the old Westwood Theatre is a big project and many hope a buyer willing to work with the community steps up.

"This is a real opportunity, you know the Ohio Theater getting renovated was a huge opportunity for that neighborhood. The Maumee Theater is a huge opportunity for its neighborhood. I think this could be a really good success story," said Jonie McIntire, with the Sylvania Avenue Neighbors. "We just want to help support whatever group or whoever can come in and renovate and make it available to the rest of our neighbors."

The Westwood Theatre screened adult movies for decades before closing in 2011. It was a sore spot for many who live in the area and some residents attending the meeting came in with an open mind.

They discussed ways the building could be used as a community space and how to fund it.

A local church is expressing interest in purchasing the property and neighborhood leaders say this is a good first step.

They plan to hold more meetings to help drum up support.