Neighborhoods still without power after ice storm

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Toledo Edison customers from all across northwest Ohio are still waiting for power after an ice storm brought down tree limbs and cable and power lines.

All across the area, yards are littered with sticks and limbs and traffic and streets lights were out.

"It was beautiful, but then you realized how much damage it did to our neighborhood," Amy Harbaugh who lost power, said.

"It's colder than normal. No gas, no nothing," Tanesha Williams, who lost power, added.

On top of the mess left behind, most people weren't expected to get power again until Thursday or Friday this week.

"[It's] ridiculous. I'm going to say it again, very ridiculous," Williams said.

"I was hoping that the power would come back on today. I'm hoping that it comes on today," Harbaugh said.

Her wish came true just after 6 on Tuesday evening. One by one, the lights in homes all down the street turned on. It was a welcomed change after being stuck in the dark all day.