Neighbors, city have different views on crumbling East Toledo building

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - It's a sight that people in east Toledo say they're sick of seeing.

"It's a very big safety concern," said Toledoan Veronica Ovido.

"It doesn't look good at all," added Toledo Food Market manager Hani Shamoon.

"It stands out like a sore thumb," said Toledoan John Truby.

Built in 1913 a building on the corner of Main and Fourth originally served as a Masonic temple. More than 100 years later broken windows, crumbling brick and boarded up doors are all that remain of it.

"The big plate glass windows are all shattered and the glass is falling down ready to kill somebody when they're innocently walking by there," said Truby.

Neighbors say the condition of the building has them worried for everyone's safety. After reporting concerns to the city multiple times they now say they want it gone.

"It needs to be torn down as soon as possible before somebody gets hurt or killed," said Truby.

From where this building stands you can see downtown Toledo where so much development is going on. Neighbors say it's an unwelcome sight for a city that's working to redo its image.

“It’s all boarded up," said Ovido. "There’s always glass all over the place, you know? It’s not a good thing to see.”

Ownership of the building transferred to the State of Ohio in 2018 after the previous owner forfeited it. While Toledo maintains the land, and knows it's an issue, leaders are holding off on tearing it down.

"Demolition is very irrevocable," said Toledo Code Enforcement commissioner Dennis Kennedy. "You can't bring a building back like that once you take it away."

With development of the Marina District underway the city hopes the momentum around it trickles down and that a developer gets interested in the property.

"Having these options available is important for us that as a city we can make that attractive for a business to come back in," said Kennedy.

While some neighbors like the idea …

"I think having little stores in there--that would be real nice," said Ovido.

… others don't and want to see the longstanding building finally go.

"It would make the area look a lot better without it," said Shamoon,

City leaders tell 13abc they plan to evaluate the condition of the building in a year from now as development in the area continues. At that point they'll review whether it should be torn down or left to stand.