Neighbors weigh-in on Toledo medical marijuana grow facility

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - We’re hearing from some Toledo residents who could have a medical marijuana grow operation near their neighborhood.

The state of Ohio approved one Toledo location Friday with possibly more on the way.

That location is in an empty building in the 300 block of East State Line road. People living near it say safety is the most important issue.

It's a pretty typically looking empty building in Toledo. The signs outside say it used to house a machine tool operation but soon it's expected to become a medical marijuana grow operation. The state has approved a license for the State Line Road facility, near Telegraph road.

Neighbor Domingo Ochoa just found out about this place Friday. He's not excited about what he's learned.

"I oppose it, I don't like it. They say it's for medicinal purposes but I'm strictly against drugs. Either way I think it'll somewhat get out of control," said Ochoa.

He like everyone 13abc spoke to is most concerned about safety. They’re watching what sort of security measures will be inside and out. So far, they've not been specifically laid out.

"I think it's a must. What it involves, I don't know,” said Ochoa.

State law is requiring that facilities like this have a 24/7 live video feed that goes to Columbus where regulators can watch what's happening in every facility.

"It's not a big concern of mine. Just so the government regulates it," said John Rouen, who lives near the site.

Rouen lives on the more residential side of state line. He too wants to make sure security is a major priority. If it is, he's not worried.

"In my opinion no, as long as it’s managed properly and it's secure I don't think there will be any issue," said Rouen.

The state medical marijuana program will not be up and running until next year, so that's the earliest this operation will start.

The state has only approved the smaller sized grow operations. A decision on the larger grow operations is expected in the coming weeks. Several area communities are potential sites for those operations.