New Amazon property in Rossford ignites other development

ROSSFORD (WTVG) - Amazon is getting ready to open its new fulfillment center in Rossford.
The company will begin filling about 1,000 jobs in July. The site is sparking other development in the area known as The Crossroads.

The Henry family farm was originally going to be turned into a housing development. That changed the day Amazon announced it was building in Wood County. We're getting a better idea of what could soon be happening on the Henry land.

The large piece of farmland sits next to The Home Depot and the new Amazon Fulfillment Center.

"The Amazon property is about 100 acres. The Henry land is 160 acres," says Duane Ankney, a co-manager at Gulfstream Development. "The farm is the largest contiguous vacant piece of property next to the Amazon property. It could be a single user that buys it or multiple users, we don't know that yet."

What is clear is that Amazon has created a lot of options. The easy access to some of America's busiest highways like the Ohio Turnpike and I-75 helps too.

"It has the highest concentration of retail space in our market," says Brian McMahon, who has been a part of marketing and developing The Crossroads for decades. He says it all took off when Target opened here, and this shopping corridor has now grown into a retail leader. "There are 3.5 million square feet of space here, and all of that looked like the Henry farm originally."

The farm was zoned for multi-use housing. McMahon says a zoning change request will be filed for the property in the coming weeks.