Suicide or Cover up? New details surrounding a woman's death at the Lucas County Jail

(TOLEDO, OH) 13 Action News 43-year old Lisa McCray was arrested at Hollywood Casino early Friday morning, but what happened after the arrest, has her family members puzzled. This is the booking video of Lisa McCray taken inside the Lucas County Jail.
Captain Richard Grove describes her demeanor. He says,
"It seemed like she was somewhat crying and animated but she wasn't in any disorderly she was crying and upset."
Deputies didn't flag McCray for suicide risk but they did have to move her into a different holding cell, one that houses Municipal Court prisoners. Captain Grove explains, "There was a disturbance with her and the person she was booked with so a decision was made to move her to another cell." The cell has a bench, a toilet and a phone.
Captain Grove says jail staff checked on McCray before 3:30 am. He says, "She's back in the holding cell and attempts suicide and is found by our officers 29 minutes later." Officials say she strangled herself with a phone cord.
Lisa's mother does not believe her daughter took her own life, but Captain Grove says,
"I can assure you that no officer in this facility murdered Ms McCray, and there no cover up here. " Mccray was visiting family in the Maumee area over the holiday. The autopsy is expected Tuesday.