New Lucas County jail will not be built at proposed Angola Rd. location

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The Board of Lucas County Commissioners announced Wednesday that the new Lucas County Correction Center and Correctional Treatment Facility will not be located at the proposed Angola Road site.

"We're excited and amazed and just really overwhelmed," Jeniene Hall, who opposed the Angola site said. She is one of many people who lived near the site who are breathing a sigh of relief after commissioner made the decision to take it off the table.

According to a release, the commissioners have determined they will look for a new site someone else in Lucas County, both inside and outside of the City of Toledo. Commissioners say another they are searching for another site that meets the criteria for locating a jail.

"It really is a safety concern for the whole community," Commissioner Carol Contrada, said.

County commissioners say a new jail site must meet a number of criteria for consideration including, but not limited to, an adequately sized site that is both available, and able to be timely assembled, meets community safety needs, and that will allow the County to minimize development costs for the project. Every site will face challenges, but Lucas County is committed to ensuring that any proposed site works best for the Lucas County Sheriff, local law enforcement, and taxpayers.

The county says it made this decision within the last 24 hours. We're told this decision was made after gathering input form the community jail team, which is made up of representatives from the jail, county commissioners and others.

Commissioners say the county has already looked at other sites. They would not say where any of those potential sites are located. Right now, commissioners are working to narrow down the possibilities to just a few. Then, they will hold public meetings and decide from there.

Contrada says community input is important especially since they need the community to pas a 1.9 mill levy in November to help offset the cost.

A site must be secured by early December in order to take advantage of more than $15,000,000 in state funding.