New Toledo veterinary clinic is among the first of its kind

Published: Apr. 19, 2017 at 5:28 PM EDT
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There's a new vet clinic in town, and it is one of the first of its kind. It's a full-service operation that deals with all pet owners, but also works to help those in need of a little help.

The Community Pet Care Clinic just opened in south Toledo in February. It's on Detroit Ave. near the intersection of the Anthony Wayne Trail.

When it comes to care, it's just like any other private practice. What sets it apart is the fact that a portion of every visit goes into a special fund to help people who need help with their vet bills.

The concept of the clinic took a couple years to come together, but the idea behind it is simple, affordable vet care.Dr. Boyd Harrell is one of the partners,"I am one of four partners. None of us need to do this for financial reasons, so profit is not our primary motive."

Dr. Harrell says even though the cost is lower at the clinic, the quality of care is still the top priority. He says the business model is unique, "It's the only clinic of its kind that I am aware of. We are hoping to grow the concept."

Sheri LaFontaine's dog Abigail is getting her teeth cleaned along with other dental work at the clinic. Sheri says she couldn't afford the procedure without this clinic. Sheri says her bill will be about half what it may be elsewhere, "Pet owners work to give their animals a lot of love and care. You want to give the best care possible to your pets, and there should be no reason why you can't get them great care at an affordable price."

Here's how it works when it comes to the clinic helping those in need, "We take a portion of every vet visit and put it in the Keeping Pets and Their People Together Fund. The fund is available to people who cannot afford their bills. The fund is limited, but we contribute regularly.We have the word community first in our name because that is really what this clinic is about. We want to give back."

Clients can also donate to the fund. Christie Myers is a vet tech at the practice,"You often hear the expression pay it forward. We get to live that here at the clinic on a daily basis. By you being wonderful and taking care of your own pet, there is the added benefit of helping someone who may not be as fortunate. It's a win-win for everybody involved."

The clinic is also helping Lucas County Canine Care and Control.

Shelter dogs like Barney have recently had dental work done. Because of the affordable rates, the shelter's dogs are now getting extra vet work done, and going up for adoption sooner. Jodi Harding is the Shelter Manager,"They've done dental work on four dogs for us so far.We have three more scheduled for next week, which is huge for us. Now we'll be able to put these dogs up for adoption."

Harding says the affordable rates have also helped keep dogs out of the shelter, "We were seeing people surrendering dogs because they couldn't afford vet care. So instead of getting rid of their family pet they now have an option to keep their family pet."

The goal is to one day use the local clinic as a model for other clinics around the country. There are a number of specials at the clinic for the month of April. It's part of a special promotion called, "Get to know us." Specials include 20% off dental work, $10 microchips, and $10 off all vaccine packages. Mention the "Get to know us" special when you make an appointment.

We've posted a link if you'd like to learn more about the specials, the clinic or making a donation to the Keeping Pets and Their People Together fund.

By the way, Barney the shelter dog in the story, is up for adoption at Lucas County Canine Care and control