Addiction treatment center in Maumee accepting Medicaid

MAUMEE, Ohio (WTVG) - A medical detox center in Maumee is now accepting Medicaid.

The 40-bed Ohio Detox Center inpatient addiction center is located at 1757 Indian Wood Circle. According to the facility's website, it provides services to people suffering from addiction in our community.

"Accepting Medicaid will allow the center to respond to people seeking treatment who do not have private insurance," said Chief Executive Officer Matt Bell, who oversees operations for the Amatus facilities in Ohio and the Midwest.

"We've had to refer off many clients because we couldn't take Medicaid; most people around here and in our county don't have private insurance. We believe in our approach to addiction treatment, and this facility will allows us to reach so many more people that need our help," said Bell.

"There was a part of me that was hurt every time we had to refer someone off to another Medicaid agency. We always made sure there was a warm hand-off to another agency. Opening our own facility allows us to treat people the way that we know is best. There is no other facility offering what we are able to offer."

It's part of the Amatus Health network of addiction treatment centers. Click here for more information on the Ohio Detox Center.

"We have had so much success in Ohio, helping clients create new lives for themselves, and our new facility allows to add beds and help us expand our mission to fight addiction across the country," said Chief Operating Officer Michael Silberman, of Amatus Health.

"Addressing addiction across the country, especially the nation's opioid epidemic, requires comprehensive care focusing on not only on helping every addict get clean, but to emphasize the life skills and social support that every recovering addict needs to build during early recovery and beyond," said Silberman.