New ads, new confusion about China energy campaign

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - We are just about two weeks away from the end of one of the more confusing campaigns in recent memory. You may have heard about it, fears that China will take over our energy supply.

Now there are more ads, with some people still not understanding what the whole thing is about.

You may have received the flyer in the mail or caught one of the commercials. It’s all about the talk of China, our energy supply and corporate bail outs. All the talk that still comes back to our back yard.

The fight over House Bill 6 is getting confusing. It's the one that helps keep Davis Besse nuclear power plant operational. The bill would allow First Energy to add a surcharge to your bill for that purpose. The Ohio legislature has passed it but now there's a petition drive to let voters have the final say.

Of course there are two sides to this. There are ads for HB 6 from a group that wants people to ignore the petition drive. This group argues that China has an influence in companies against HB 6 and eliminating HB 6 means China will have more influence in our energy system.

It's a race that's gotten ugly. In fact, the I-Team obtained 11 complaints lodged with the Ohio Attorney General's office over this petition drive. The I-Team also obtained a police report from Columbus where one petition signature collector accused someone collecting signatures from a competing petition of slapping a cell phone from her hand.

Now we wait for October 21st when petition signatures are due for those trying to get HB 6 on the ballot. If enough signatures are collected and verified, this issue is expected to be on the November 2020 ballot.