New audit shows cuts at Perrysburg Schools if voters reject levy

PERRYSBURG, Ohio (WTVG) - For Perrysburg Schools' superintendent a new state audit paints a clear picture of just how badly more money is needed in his district.

"It's not scare tactics," superintendent Tom Hosler said. "This is the reality."

The report released, and shared with the community, Thursday outlines recommended cuts if a new operational levy doesn't pass in November.

One suggestion includes slashing the district's annual budget by more than $7 million a year. There would also be an elimination of nearly 100 jobs mostly in teaching positions.

"To take out the equivalent of two of our elementary staffs and try to think that we are going to be able to continue to do and offer the things we do is not realistic," Hosler said.

The superintendent says the district is in the position it is after state funding hasn't kept up with enrollment. Since 2008 alone Hosler says the number of students has grown by 21% or nearly 1,000 students. It's something parents say their kids are noticing.

"[My daughter has] been coming home saying classes are getting bigger, things are happening, you know, it's getting crowded," Perrysburg resident Sue Leimkuehler said.

So now Perrysburg Schools is going to the community with its new levy that initially cost the owner of a $200,000 home a little more than $46 each month. The price would then go up around $9 each year after that.

For Leimkuehler it's a price worth paying in order to keep quality programming for all students.

"We need to maintain the excellence of this school district," Leimkuehler said. "That's what we came for, that's what many people come for."

It's s a thought that district leaders hope others share as they work to get a new levy passed.

"We're going to go into November 5 with as much momentum as we can," Hosler sid.

If the levy passes Hosler says Perrysburg Schools will still work to reduce costs in order to ensure new money is spent wisely. The district expects to put out a list of its own suggested cuts in the coming weeks for the community to see.