New brain surgery saves more lives

A new brain surgery technique is being called GPS for the brain. "It allows us to do a safer surgery in a shorter amount of time," says Promedica Neurosurgeon Dr. Kevin Reinard, MD. "Before we even make an incision, we can utilize a computer to make an incision we can work out the exact trajectory of attack and also the size of our opening and incision."

The monitor is split into four different pictures containing different mapping superimposed over an MRI of the persons brain. Each line in the map represents vital nerves in the brain that are responsible for bodily functions like movement, memory and speech. This way the surgeon can see which areas to avoid and which route is the safest when getting to the tumor. "Then we align the tools much like a video game or like a fighter pilot would. You can actually see the probe moving around on the surface of the brain. When I'm on the tumor on the screen, it tells you exactly where you are in relationship to all the nerves," says Dr. Reinard.

This new technology will allow doctors to remove tumors that might have otherwise been deemed inoperable because of their location.