New cafe in Elmore will employ people with developmental disabilities

Published: Jan. 24, 2019 at 5:37 PM EST
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A new business is coming to a small northwest Ohio village.

It will be called Christy's Corner Cafe. The coffee shop and cafe will provide jobs for people with developmental disabilities.

The cafe is named in honor of Christy Bosch, the younger sister of Kathy Barbee, "We called her the mayor, because everybody knew her."

Christy was born with Down syndrome She died in 2011 at the age of 34, "People all along were supportive of her and lifted her up. Our hope is to provide for other people with Down syndrome what so many people provided for Christy."

Christy's life was the inspiration for the Engaging Opportunities Foundation. The new cafe is the first project of the charitable foundation, "She brought so much joy joy to our family. We wanted to pay it forward and help other people enjoy life the way she did."

Pastor Kent Winkler of the Woodville United Methodist Church is board member of the foundation, "Really we're building community and building hope and bringing light into the world. We're giving people the chance they deserve to have."

Kathy says the cafe will provide employment opportunities for students and adults with developmental disabilities, "We will have job coaches working with them to teach them skills so they can either work here or elsewhere. The ultimate goal is to help people with disabilities get meaningful jobs they enjoy and that they are passionate about."

Pastor Winkler says the money that comes in will be poured right back into the foundation's effort to help people, "The coffee shop will be somewhat profitable, and those profits will go right back to the foundation."

A foundation and a coffee shop helping ensure that all the happiness Christy brought to this world lives on, "Christy's gone but really she's not. This is going to be her legacy."

The goal is to open the Christy's Corner Cafe this spring. People have donated their time and money to help with all aspects of the project. In addition the the cafe, the hope is to eventually expand work opportunities to other local businesses.

If you'd like to get involved, we've posted a link.