New crosswalk signals cause confusion for drivers

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) - You may have seen them while driving down the streets of Bowling Green. They're called Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons.

"What they are is a way to allow pedestrians safely to cross roads, generally busy roads, but it's a more driver friendly way than just a flashing sign," Rebecca Dangelo, Public Information Officer for ODOT District 2 said.

Here's what makes these different from the signals you're used to. The lights flash only when you hit the button to cross.

You'll see two of these along Wooster Street right across from BGSU's campus, a hot spot for students getting to and from class.

"Here in Bowling Green across from campus, obviously there are a lot of students crossing that road, a lot of student housing across from the university, so that was something that made sense for that location," Dangelo said.

If you're a pedestrian, it's not much different from your average crosswalk. All you have to do is press the button, wait for the walk sign, and the flashing lights above will take care of the rest

From the driver's perspective, that's where things get different. Drivers approaching the crosswalk will see a flashing yellow light once a pedestrian activates it. It will go to a solid yellow, then a solid red light. That's when the pedestrian will be able to cross.

When it's not activated by a pedestrian, the light is off, allowing traffic to flow smoothly.

You might also see these in front of the Toledo Museum of Art on Monroe Street.

As for the benefit of these signals, they provide a red stop light to drivers approaching crosswalks that aren't near a traditional intersection, making it safer to cross busy streets.