New details about ProMedica's move to downtown Toledo

Published: Jul. 31, 2017 at 5:31 PM EDT
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ProMedica is just days away from starting to move employees into its new downtown campus. We have new details about the move.

Employees begin moving into the old KeyBank building, which is now called the Junction, later this week. The process will continue throughout August at both the Junction and at the old steam plant.

In addition to that new space, ProMedica will need more office space for employees in the next few years ProMedica President and CEO Randy Oostra offered details to members of the Rotary Club of Toledo Monday, outlining the current and future impact of ProMedica on the city.

After several years of planning and construction, the first employees are moving in to the new downtown campus later this week, "Starting this Friday, and over the next four Fridays, the first 900 people will start moving into the steam plant and the junction building. We already have 100 people in place in One SeaGate."

As people begin settling into this new space, the hunt is on for even more. Oostra says ProMedica will need more room within the next two to three years, "We're not quite sure yet about where that space will be. We've got some ideas and we've had some discussions about the possible purchase of buildings in close proximity or even building on some of our vacant lots as well."

Oostra says while ProMedica is a big part of the downtown economic development puzzle, he says there have been a lot of other investments in the city too, "If you add everything up, very quickly you come up with about $1.5 Billion worth of investment in Toledo. These are investments that are on the board, and these are solid investments that are in process and underway. I think we are very fortunate right now around the community, we have leaders who spend time and energy to really do the right things."

While the immediate benefit of ProMedica's project will be in downtown Toledo, the goal is to expand the reach into neighborhoods, "If all we do is build shiny buildings, that is nice but it doesn't change the community. The way we do that is to look at social issues. It takes a lot of work, but a movement is underway to do just that."

There will be several celebrations of ProMedica's new downtown campus, including a ribbon cutting ceremony August 31.