New multi-million dollar library branch opens in Sylvania

Published: Sep. 26, 2016 at 5:55 PM EDT
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It's been talked about for decades, but a new library in Lucas county is finally a reality. The multi-million dollar King Road Branch opened its doors today for the first time. The new library fills a gap in service because of population growth in that area in recent years.

Julie Bursten is the manager of the new branch,"It is gorgeous. When you walk in you are awestruck because it is so beautiful." That's the way a lot of people are describing the newest Toledo Lucas County Library.

Jason Kucsma is the Deputy Director of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library,"It is a modern, state-of-the-art facility with a high pavilion ceiling. There are 15,000 square feet of space. When you walk in it is designed to look like a bookstore."

This is the 20th branch for the library system, "Not only can you come to read, but you can also come to create. It brings a whole new level of service to the community."

Rodney Shock is a library regular, and now he holds a spot in the history of the new building,"You were the first in the door this morning. What do you think? It's amazing, I love it! It is really nice. It is so light and happy inside. "

The new branch is not only packed with books, but all kinds of technology. That includes a new sorter, "Each book has a code that tells the computer what kind of book it is.The sorter than sends them to a specific area.That helps us get them back on the shelves a lot faster."

And that's just the beginning. Kucsma says everything in the new branch is geared toward people learn and re-invent themselves,"We've got a sound recording studio so people can record pod casts or music. We have 3D printers, and a number of tolls that allow kids to play with the technology. Those are just a few of the examples. We're really trying to help people learn new technology, that they might not be able to buy on their own,"

One of the other new features at the King Road Branch is a drive up book drop off and pick up. Just like a bank or a pharmacy. Even with all its modern conveniences, Bursten says this library was built on the same principles as the very first libraries, "We offer something very vital to all communities and that is knowledge."

Today was a soft opening. The official grand opening of the King Road Branch is October 10th. Everyone is invited.

You'll find a link to the library website at the top of this story.