Next step for ECOT students, parents

With the closure of the online school ECOT, families throughout our area now looking for a new school for their kids. The school closed because of financial issues and over reporting of students. Parents say did nothing to cause that and now they're stuck in the middle.

Maya and Tobias Kominek should be using these laptops for school. They were ECOT students until Thursday. Maya liked the school as much as any kid likes a school.

"I mean don't like it much but I don't exactly hate it either," Maya Kominek said.

"For me it's been a benefit for them not only to be in a safe environment but to also be more in touch with today's communication skills," mother Cecelia Kominek said.

Their mother Cecelia had a inkling this closure might happen months ago. All week they have looked for answers as to what's next. So far, no answers.

"It's really going to put them into a downfall because my children have been in this school system for quite a few years."

"Being able to interact and have friends," Tobias Kominek said.

Tobias may now make new friends as his family looks for a new online school because they've decided a traditional brick and mortal school is not for them.

"As far as I'm concerned the way that the public school system is going I don't want to put my children back in it."

Thousands of other families across Ohio are in the same spot.

"For us to have that option taken away from us, it leaves us devastated."