Lucas Health Commissioner says the curve is flattening

TOLEDO Social distancing is working in Northwest Ohio.

According to Lucas County Health Commissioner Eric Zgodzinski, the curve is flattening out and staying manageable within the walls of area hospitals. "We're coming up we think to that apex and we're going to be coming on the other side. But remember, we're not that big loop. We are the smaller curve and the reason this date keeps on changing is because of what we're doing in Ohio relative to social distancing, washing hands and all the things we've talked about," says Zgodzinski.

ProMedica Dr. Brian Kaminski MD says so far we have not seen the high number of cases that were previously forecast. "We knew going into this that if we were able to flatten the curve we would have a longer flat spot but we wouldn't have as many hospitalized patients, we wouldn't see as much severe disease but it may go on a bit longer because we're seeing that slow trickle of patients."

Because of that, we won't see efforts to restart things until May 1st, and even then it will be very slow to reopen things. Zgodzinski says if we do that, it risks a tragic backslide. "I think of it as a breaker box. The main switch has been thrown and we have little electricity coming through. We're going to throw that main breaker, but all the little ones are off so which ones we bring first to bring us back on-line to get that energy flowing in our community."

Health authorities in the area are now working on a plan to handle any subsequent spikes in cases after people rei-enter the workplace and marketplace.